Jeremy Corbyn now abandoned by everyone apart from ‘voters’

Poor Dude doesn't stand a chance if he can only rely on there 'voters' to keep him in power.

Stick with it and stop letting this media spin continue.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is now so isolated politically that he can only call upon the support of a shadowy group of people known in the UK as “voters”, it emerged today. Facing certain defeat i…

Brain-to-brain communication has arrived. How we did it

Science. Changes. Lives. #TED

You may remember neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis — he built the brain-controlled exoskeleton that allowed a paralyzed man to kick the first ball of the 2014 World Cup. What’s he working on now? Building ways for two minds (rats and monkeys, for now) to send messages brain to brain. Watch to the end for an experiment that, as he says, will go to “the limit of your imagination.”