Consider Steve Lewis for next Chief Executive of HMRC Board #peoplestaxman

A shake-up like this is needed. #peoplestaxman I’m Steve Lewis, a former Army Officer and now a small business owner. I’m putting myself forward to be the next Chief Executive of the HMRC Board. It’s about time that the Board, that is meant to scrutinise the way our Government enforce tax policy, stopped helping multinationals […]

NOAA Model Finds Renewable Energy Could be Deployed in the U.S. Without Storage

I've said on many occasions that if you cast your grid wide enough, then you should be able to massively reduce or eliminate the problems associated with intermittent renewables. However, smelting the copper, aluminium and steel needed to build such a grid must also come at a great environmental impact. Just as we shouldn't ignore […]

The Solutions Project: How 139 Countries Can Hit 100% Renewable Energy

How 139 countries can reach 100% renewable energy soon – all charts available at ► Below are some reasons for buying your next car electric, installing solar panels and supporting 100% renewable energy in all nations (via carbon price for example): 1.  help humanity survive since absorbed CO2 leads to ocean acidification which kills plankton. […]