7 months and 10,000 miles

I’ve now been living with the Tesla Model S for 7 months now and I’ve picked up a few a tips along the way that I hope you will find useful.

  1. I spend most of my life at ‘around’ 70mph so when calculating the remaining range in the battery I have to figure in a 10% buffer to make sure I don’t end up short. I’m sure that going at 65mph or 60mph would make the display correct but going at 70 mph is dull enough.
  2. One has the ability to make passengers nauseous on demand.
  3. The Supercharger network just keeps making life easier and easier.
  4. I’ve put some figures up for how much the Tesla Model S has cost to run over this distance. The results might surprise you.

The software updates I’ve had delight every time. There is always at least one feature that makes me once again believe that buying this car was the right choice. Stand outs for me were the ability for Model S to remember what suspension setting you apply and then apply them for you every time you hit the same patch of road and, as small at it may sound, them reprogramming the key to have it open the charge port on a long press!

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