Hunting a Ghost – Finding a Memory Leak in Node.js

You may spend quite a few days on finding a memory leak in Node.js: profiling the application and looking for the root cause. In this post, we summarized what tools you can use and how. Finding a Node.js memory leak can be quite challenging – we compiled a bunch of methods and tools that could… Continue reading Hunting a Ghost – Finding a Memory Leak in Node.js

I want my country back

An absolutely bang-on piece. This is exactly howI feel. #IWantMyCountryBack This was never a referendum on the EU. It was a referendum on the modern world.

Rychlonabíjecí stanice pro elektromobily u Vystrkova

E.ON has just cut the ribbon on an EV charging hub near Humpolec, Czech Republic. It reportedly features a dozen of SC/CCS/CHAdeMO chargers Here's how it was built:  Než je elektromobil úplně nabitý, uplyne zhruba třicet minut. U včera otevřené nabíjecí stanice u Vystrkova (na snímku) jsou vítány všechny typy elektromobilů.